Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hailey's B-Day

Today Hailey turned 6 years old. What a big girl!!

School is especialy fun on your Birthday.

Kindergarden Field Trip

Hailey's Kindergarden class had a field trip to Hiroshima City Forest Park. What a wonderfull day.

Byoku Park 2

Here are a few more Pictures from Byoku Park. All the kids had a wonderfull time. Can not wait to go back.

Byoku Park 1

Tuesday the kids had the day off of school. Many of the moms and kids drove to Byoku Park. Amy drove the 1 ½ hrs home. I am proud of her. Driving here is nuts.

Check out this play structure. I can’t wait until I get to go!

Old style toys.

The kids learning how to make Udon noodles.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Amy's B-Day

Amy’s birthday was a family affair this year. We had a nice evening. Wish you were all here!!!!

Sand Castle at Hamada

Nathan and I spent over an hour making this sand castle. Hamada beach is just over an hours drive from Hiroshima

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Furnature Order 1

We received our first furniture order over a month ago, just have not posted the pictures. I guess there were just a lot more interesting pictures to post.

We do love the entertainment center, lots of electronics for everyone.

This is Nathan's room. He really likes the loft. I like his taste in decorating.

We can not believe how well the furniture matches the doll house book shelf Grandpa Clair made. I have no idea how we got such a good match.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Camping in Hamada

Another week end, another camping trip. Since we have significantly fewer activities and house chores, getting out camping is a lot easier.

This campground is in Hamada Beach, an hour strait north of Hiroshima. Kind of funny if you want to carry your stuff a few hundred yards, the camping is free. (WOW! we found somthing free in Japan). You can’t beat the view of the ocean.

This place has “Sea Eagles”. They are kind of like giant sea gulls that prefer to steal meat. Kind of hard to fight with a bird that has a 6ft wing span.

Glen working on the competition

Lauren and Raven share a chair.

The only bugs Nathan and Tiger are catching are each other.

First Day of School

With the end of August, came the first day of school. After spending four weeks in the summer camp at the school a few months prior, both kids were very confident. I guess I never thought sending the kids off to school in a foreign country would go so smooth.