Friday, June 13, 2008

BBQ in the Park

We had a big BBQ with the Wolscht family. They are headed back to Germany in few weeks. The weather could not have been nicer

Corey and Chris working the grill

Plenty of food for everyone

Mari, Teresa, Amy Isabell, and Zenyu


Amy and Teresa

Phil and Ed enjoying the Asahi Beer

Chris was working hard

Nathan and Rob

The Hamada’s

Nathan and Tejas

Ami-sensi and her mother Ikeda-san


Nathan and Rob (jungle boys, or is it lord of the flys)

Corey and Henry

An uninvited guest?

He is the biggest snake I have seen in a long time

Sarah and Madeleine

The MacKenzie’s

Amy getting her baby fix

Carol, Teresa, Jan, and Zenyu

Eddie and Chris

Ed and Carol

Nathan's Homestay

One of the major highlights for the 4th and 5th graders at HIS is the annual home stay. Each of the foreign kids at the school partners up with a native Japanese speaker and stays with a local family for the night. Nathan was lucky enough to stay at a farm about an hour and a half away. The Farm was located near Miyoshii (where the Mazda test track is located).

The whole family

Here are the cows Nathan got to milk

The rice fields

The futan mats the kids slept on

Nathan’s class and the class from the local school

Friday, June 06, 2008


On Monday we went site seeing with Pastor Kevin in Iwakuni and Oshima. It rained all day, so it wasn’t the best for taking pictures. However, we did have fun seeing the Kintai-kyo bridge the more rural areas on the island of Oshima..

Kevin at play

The flowers were very nice

Miyajima With Grandpa

Since we are in our last month we figured it was a good opportunity to take our last trip to Miajima

The tori (or gate) still amazes me.

It is about a 20 min train ride from our apartment. I think grandpa really enjoyed ridding on the local train

The kids always love seeing the dear

This is the second couple I have seen getting married at the shrine

The pagoda

The island has a nice little aquarium. This was our first time to visit it.