Friday, June 13, 2008

BBQ in the Park

We had a big BBQ with the Wolscht family. They are headed back to Germany in few weeks. The weather could not have been nicer

Corey and Chris working the grill

Plenty of food for everyone

Mari, Teresa, Amy Isabell, and Zenyu


Amy and Teresa

Phil and Ed enjoying the Asahi Beer

Chris was working hard

Nathan and Rob

The Hamada’s

Nathan and Tejas

Ami-sensi and her mother Ikeda-san


Nathan and Rob (jungle boys, or is it lord of the flys)

Corey and Henry

An uninvited guest?

He is the biggest snake I have seen in a long time

Sarah and Madeleine

The MacKenzie’s

Amy getting her baby fix

Carol, Teresa, Jan, and Zenyu

Eddie and Chris

Ed and Carol

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Michael Leizerman said...

Corey Ducklow, your family is beautiful. It's been 25 years since I've seen you. I live with my wife and 2 boys (soon to be ages 8 and 13) on 20 acres outside Toledo with a zip line and woods, llamas, chickens, turkeys and all sorts of fun. Seeing your amazing photos of Hiroshima, and of your Dad, brought a rush of childhood emotion to me. Puff the Magic Dragon, pig roasts, the train set, pick the duckies and feed the apples... Look me up when you're back in the states. I'd love to meet you again and your family.