Sunday, April 13, 2008


Amy’s Parents, George and Pat, picked the perfect week to come visit us in Japan. The Sakura trees were in bloom and it was the peak time for Hanami. This is definitely the nicest time of year.

This picture was taken from our living room window.

Drive in the hills - Hiroshima Kita

On Saturday afternoon we headed northwest for a drive in the hills. We drove in the Sandankyo area. It was nice to get out of the city.

Many of the farmers were working in the rice patties.

We found a nice little coffee shop for a break. The coffee and cocoa was very good.

Okonomiyaki at Fernando's

It wouldn’t be a trip to Hiroshima with out Okonomiyaki.. We took Pat and George to Fernando’s place for dinner. Oishii desu ne!! (Mmmmm…..)

Carp's Game - Hiroshima

We took Grandma and Grandpa out for a ball game. This was our first game since we have been in Japan.

The Carp’s are the major league team in Hiroshima. They were playing Nagoya Dragons. Unfortunately the Dragons won, but we still had a good time. You have to love the Carp’s fans, they really supported there team.

Nathan checking out Slily the Carp’s mascot

The seventh inning stretch (balloon launch).

Snow Bowl - Flag Staff AZ

Flag Staff is my favorite town in AZ. It has more of a northern feel to it. These pictures were taken at Snow Bowl (the altitude is over 10,000 ft in the parking lot). Snow bowl is the only ski area in AZ. We were a little late this season.