Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Boys Day Out

Monday was a national holiday, so we all had the day off. The girls still had piano lessons at home so Nathan and I headed back up the mountain. The weather was perfect, about 40 deg F and sunny. Nathan really improved his snowboarding. He is starting to get up on edge and able to link turns even on the steeper intermediate hills.

Strapping in ready to go!!

We both ended up a little sun burned

Nathan the snow board rat

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mountain Adventure

Saturday we attempted to go skiing. Unfortunately the roads were very bad. On the first attempt we were unable to climb a narrow icy mountain road (one lane, no guardrails, steep and icy). Upon our decent, we meet up with the Rice family. We purchased some snow chains in the local town and mounted a second attempt. This time other vehicles had the road blocked.

After waiting for the road to clear again it was past noon and the snow was really dumping. It did not appear that the return trip would be safe. So we decided to have a snow ball fight and make dinner plans for the evening. At least we had fun.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

New Camera

Amy and the kids really took care of me for my birthday this year. They gave me a new digital SLR camera. It is a camera that I will grow into. I have just started to think more about the pictures I am taking. My goal is to have a reasonable understanding of it before our next vacation (in a few weeks). I am sure it will take a lifetime to master.

The new camera

The old camera

These pictures were taken on our roof

Hailey is always a good subject

I went down town to play with it, unfortunately it was raining so the Hondori was the only dry place I could find to take pictures.

I was playing with a slow exposure to blur the subject. Kind of fun to play with.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Kimono Update

We received the kid’s kimono pictures we took back in December. Below is a preview.

Hailey and Asahi loved dressing up.

So cute!!!

Nathan loved the sword.