Sunday, June 17, 2007

Out and About

Just some pictures from around town.
I liked the reflection in the water of the A-Bomb Dome. Even after a year here, you still stop to think every time you see it.

Hijiyama Park is fairly close to downtown. This is an outside escalator that goes up about 200 yards. There is a contemporary museum on the top of the hill. I think the kids preferred the escalator.

It had rained in the morning; this really made the park feel like a rain forest.

Dinner at Mario’s. It is a nice Italian restaurant about two blocks from home.

Hailey has developed a bad drinking habit lately. ;P

Portfolio Day at HIS

The kids had portfolio conferences last week. It was really cool to see the kids present there work from the year. They were both very excited.

Nathan with Mr. McKenzie

Hailey with Ms. Foster and Makiko-sensei

Nathan likes turtles also.

Hiroshima Flower Festival

The flower festival was held on Peace Boulevard though the center of town. The street was closed and thousands of food stands were set up lining the sidewalks. Many dance groups parade down the street lead by trucks with giant industrial generators powering giant concert speakers. I was amazed how loud the “dance” music was. The funny thing about the festival, we did not see any flowers???

Yum squid! ; P

Nate trying one of the carnival games.

Nate checking out the bugs for sale.

The giant pet beetle is only $350.