Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Kindergarden Field Trip to Mazda and the Fire School

On Tuesday Hailey’s class went to the Mazda Museum. Hailey, Asahe and Semin are having fun in one of the new models.

Monday after the bonfire the kindergarten class went to the fireman’s school just down the road.

Terry Fox Run

Sunday was the Terry Fox run. It is a fundraiser for cancer research. I think there were around 55 entries from HIS. The path we ran on was about a 10 min bus ride from the school.

We had to tell Nathan and Karie to stop at 10.4k I am not sure how far they would have gone if we had not stopped them
The mountains were a beautiful back drop.

Amy, Hailey and Lauren walked 3.5k
After the run we went back to the school for a bonfire and fire works. When was the last time you went to school for a bonfire?

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Peace Marathon

Nathan ran in the Peace Marathon last Friday. He ran a 5K in 28min 29sec. He was proud.


Ami-san is our family’s sensei. She teaches all our Japanese lessons and helps us with adjusting to life here.

We feel very lucky to have her!!


Halloween was spent quietly at home. We were happy we were able to find a pumpkin at a flower shop. It was the only one we found.