Friday, May 23, 2008

Hailey Black and White

The other night I was reading to Hailey in bed and she fell asleep. I couldn’t help myself; I had to take a picture.

Nathan's Exposition

In 5th grade the students have the PYP (Primary Year Program) Exposition. The kids vote on a subject, then study, plan and execute an exposition. Nathan's class decided to use "Peace" as a subject. This is appropriate, since Hiroshima is “The City of Peace”.

The kids fund raised to put a “Peace Garden” in a local park. The Pole in the center of this picture will be the center of the garden. Each of the students made there own tile to be placed around it.

Nathan made his own website about the atomic bomb. When it is uploaded to the public internet I will make a link to it.

The kids had a music presentation to match.

Hailey's Portfolio

At HIS, instead of teacher conferences in the spring, they have the children show their parents the work they have done throughout the school year. Hailey was very excited to show us everything she has been working on.

We will sincerely miss the school when we move.

Hailey and her teacher Trish Devine

Singing a solo with her music teacher Takako-sensei

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hiroshima at Night

The weather is getting warm at night now, and it was a perfect time to go for a walk and enjoy the sites in Hiroshima. I have posted many pictures of these landmarks before, but these are the first night pictures I have taken.

Pastor Kevin thanks for the editing help on this one!!!

I couldn’t get the reflection to work out in the water so I cropped it out. I will have to try again before we leave.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


For Golden week this year we headed two hours south to the Yamaguchi prefecture to the island of Oshima. This island has a few small fishing villages and is primarily known for growing oranges. The slow pace of life here was a welcome change from the city.

This was a sunrise on our second morning. It was incredible.

The campground overlooked the beach.


As usual we brought all of our toys to keep us busy.

The old villages felt like they were out of the pages of National Geographic. There were very few English speaking people but everyone smiled and were very friendly.

This was the main street through one of the villages, and yes it is a two way street. Passing the oncoming traffic is a little interesting.

I considered this vacation to be one of my last chances to try all the Japanese things I had not had a chance to do yet. This was my first time to try green tea ice cream. We also tried an onsen (hot spring/bath house), but don’t worry… there will be no pictures of that!!

The water was cold and there were many jelly fish, so no swimming this time.

This was a small cove we found while driving around the island. Check out the blue/green water!!

Aji-san worked at the campground and played baseball and flew kites with us in the evening. He was very friendly. We hope to visit him again before we move home.

Friday, May 02, 2008


Kiyomizu-dera is my favorite temple in Japan! Located on a hill, it overlooks all of Kyoto. This giant wood structure was original built in 789 but was rebuilt in 1633. It is very impressive.

The natural spring is supposed to have therapeutic properties.