Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mitaki Field Trip

Nathan’s class had a field trip to the Mitaki Buddhist Temple to study different religions. This temple is located up on one of the hill behind our church, overlooking Hiroshima. It has three different waterfalls around it. I have not had a chance to check this out yet. I hope to soon.

Nathan borrowed our camera. I am very pleased at his responsibly taking care of it. Below are all his pictures.

Hiroshima Peace Run

Nathan entered the Hiroshima Peace Run this year. He bettered his time from last year by 2 minuets in the 5K

You just don’t see bike parking like this back home

HIS Field Day

The kid’s school had field day in a park near the school. I think every one had a good time.

Amy worked with the PTA selling snacks

Nathan in the boot throw

Hailey in the hoop obstacles

Hailey was a natural at capturing the other kids “tails”

Nathan coaching the younger kids on his team

The parents’ race