Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hernia Surgery

This post will be a little different. Usually we post birthdays, parties and vacations. I have to admit many friends have asked for the more day to day life items. So here is an interesting post. Friday I had to go in to get Hernia Surgery.
We choose Teishin Hospital. It was very convenient that it was about four blocks from Home.

This is my Surgeon Sugayama-sensei and my interpreter Motohashi-san. Sugiyama-sensei spoke good English so he really helped me thru the surgery and anesthesia. Motohashi-san really got us thru the paper work. I really owe them both a big thank you.

Here's what the poly propylene mesh patch looks like that was installed on the inside of my abdomen.

The Hospital lobby

The nurses were all very friendly. The uniforms were interesting.

The whole family after surgery

Amy asked this baby’s mother if she could take a picture. Notice the kanji written on her leg.

The view out my room window.

Dinner (tofu, tea, broccoli, potato and carrots)

This one is for Chris. Just encase you wanted to know the Kanji for Endoscopy

I hate seeing anyone’s name I know on one of these cards (including my own)

Breakfast (soup, salad, tea and milk)

I couldn’t pass up this miss-spelling.

We had to Rock out in the “Rocker Room” for awhile.

Nate and the Ginger Bread Men

During the kids week off Nathan had a good idea to make ginger bread cookies. They were very good.

October Break Zoo

The kids had there autumn break this week. This year we stayed in town. On Tuesday Amy and the kids went to the Aso Zoo here in Hiroshima.

Amy’s favorite…. Giraffes

A snake head turtle
This Snake could swallow you whole

Friday, October 12, 2007

Hailey's B-Day Party

Blowing out the candles

The make up was a big hit with the girls

The boys playing with stomp rockets

I think even the parents had fun

It was a beautiful day at Hiroshima Forest City Park. We could have not asked for better weather.

Miyajima with Mom and Lou

We took a day to go to Miyajima

A small garden at one of the restaurants

Cindy Lou Who

School kids on a field trip

This wedding was very interesting. I have never seen this style of wedding dress before