Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cook Out at Wariishi-san's House

Saturday we were invited to Wariishi-san’s house for a cook out. It was our first time to be invited to a Japanese home. His house was very new and modern. He fed us very well and we all had a good time! We tried somen noodles and he grilled beef and veggies. It was oishii! (japanese for delicious).

The Kids had a good time jumping on his exercise ball.

We took a densha (street car) all the way across town. It is very inexpensive.

Haji Dam

We spent the day at Haji Dam with our friends, The Cornells. We had a great time walking about the park and playing in the water.

Hailey is always ready to smile for the camera!

Lauren, Karie, Nate and Hailey are enjoying a picnic in the shade.

Karie and Nate were hard at work creating their dam.

Amy with Hailey and Lauren enjoying the cool water.

I have seen a few of these spiders around, always waiting in the center of their webs. Something about them say's, "Don't mess with me!"

This Dragonfly was huge. It was well over 4" long.

Kart Racing

We went to a kart track to rent some karts to drive. There was a local level race. It was nice to see the local kart racing scene. The equipment was pretty much the same as the US. All the regular manufactures were there, Birel, Toney, Hauss, ect. After the sanctioned racing was over we rented some old race karts with Honda potato digger engines. It was Nathan's first shot at racing a kart. Unfortunately Nathan's second session was cut short due to a bent tie rod. I think he might take after his father too much. He said something about a stuck throttle made him do it???

Nathan, Glenn, and I on the strait.

Nathan's first time in a kart.

The locals in the "real" races.

The other track had some drift racing going on. I don’t consider it racing, but it is fun to watch. Those guys definately have some skill.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Nathan's B-day

On Nathan’s Birthday we met a few other families and kids at the city pool. The pool is very large with a lazy river and slides. It is located right next door to the Hiroshima Castel and the Riga Royal Hotel not too far from home. The weatherman had said there was a 90% chance of rain, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The day was in the 90’s and everyone had a great time. What a fun 9th Birthday!!!!

Nate's RC Car

For Nathan’s birthday, he got one of the good deals you can actually find in Japan, a remote control buggy from the hobby shop. The car is a kit so it took us about three days to completely put it together and paint. We are really looking forward to racing it around the park. Next we will have to figure out which one dad gets.

Bike and Car

When I was back in Dearborn I received a lot of questions about my bike and car. Knowing that most of my friends and family are gear heads this is not a great surprise. So here are the specks. The bike is a Specialized “Stump Jumper”. It has 130mm of travel both front and rear. The brakes are cable pull disk. I think it weighs in the low 20 lbs range. If you are wondering, No I don’t fit in hear with it. Most Japanese have the old fashion variety of bikes. Some do ride Mt bikes, but most would not spend this much money on general transportation. I do get a lot of questions from the locals about it. Most that ask do like it.

O.K. the car is a Mazda “Premacy”. I think it is similar to the Mazda “5” sold in the states. We only have the 2.0l engine since gas is almost $6/gal. It has a 4 speed auto. I know it is kind of wimpy, but Hailey really likes it. I could not live without the navigation system in it. Like the pictures show it is right hand drive. That is kind of cool. It has three rows of seats and can fit 7 people.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Appartment and Rental Furnature

I have to admit this weeks post is kind of boring. I am headed back to Dearborn this weekend for some work meetings next week and we really haven't taken any interesting pictures this week. Below are some pictures of our apartment. Our sea shipment has not shown up yet so we really don't have many of our things. The furniture in the pictures is the temporary rental furniture the company provides until our sea shipments and furniture orders arrive. The furniture really isn't that bad. The apartment is just kind of bland until we get our pictures and things.

This is a picture of our Tataimi room. The Japanese use them for tea rooms. We will probably use it for a play room/guest bedroom.

This picture was taken out our back window. It is kind of neat that we can see the Shin-kansan (bullet train)

Our one plant Amy bought. It helps to have something green and living.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hiroshima ASA Zoo

Today we went to the Hiroshima ASA Zoo with the Sonnichsens. It is a nice little zoo with all the basic animals you would be used to in the US.

Hey Boo Boo do you smell a picknic basket.

I think I know what this sign reads. It says stare at the big cats they realy like that.

The kids, Nathan, Hailey and Carter are figuring out which way to go next.