Thursday, July 31, 2008

Last Post ?????

We can not believe it has been over two years since we began our adventure in Japan. We have made many friendships that we hope will last for years.

It is with some sadness that I write this post. This blog was dedicated to our time in Hiroshima, and that chapter has come to an end. But as one chapter ends, so another starts. I will start a new blog (or two). Links will added to this page when the blogs created.

If we visit back to Japan, or find any old pictures we will be sure to post them here.

Keep in touch

Party at Hiroshima Station

We had planned to meet the Hamada family for lunch, then one last farewell to Ami and her mother at the platform. However, we did not expect to see Midori as well. She traveled 45min by train just to surprise us. Amy was so happy to see everyone, she didn't even cry (until the train left). It was so wonderful to see our friends. What a nice way to leave.

Last Day

For our last day in Hiroshima it seemed appropriate to spend it with our Sensei Ami. She has become a part of our family over the last two years. We visited Shukan Gardens for a relaxing afternoon.

Check out the aggressive turtles.

One last lesson in origami.

We miss you Ami!!!

Mitaki Potluck

Mitaki chapel has been our spiritual home in Hiroshima. There is no way I could explain the impact they have had on us. It was a sad day to say goodbye.

Pastor Chris enjoying the food spread. (very impressive pot luck)

Yukiji was my partner with the overheads for the services.

Hailey hanging with the girls.

The Ronalds - Midori, Jim and Grace

Josh, Corey and Tim

Pastor Kevin and Midori

Fernando, Makiko, Ryokan, Rikito and Tomah


For the last two years, the crews at Lipsticks have taken care of the entire family's hair (and neck massages). There will be no way for us to replace the service Shigeki-san's shop provides. It is something we will always remember about Hiroshima.

Work Farewell

My Mazda co-workers took me out for a farewell dinner. It was a fun evening. I do believe a fun time was had by all. I am sure many of our paths will cross again in the future. I will miss them…

The restaurant was called Shojin-an. The food was very good.

Shono-san presenting me with a gift. It is now hanging by my desk in Dearborn.

Ichikawa-san led a classic Japanese clapping cheer to end the evening.